Holiday Season is once more upon us and to make it more merrier what's better than cashing your stacked, broken, mismatched gold jewelry collecting dust in a box. This Christmas surprise your beloved ones! Now, thinking how? Don't sweat your pretty face anymore as LA Cash For Gold is here to your rescue. All you got to do is get your precious metal items such as gold coins, broken jewelry, kinked chains, bracelets, cufflinks, brooches, flatware to our store located in Pasadena, California; we accept anything which is gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.


We offer maximum returns on precious metal items in any condition or variety. Moreover, we have a team of experienced professionals who employ latest tools and technologies to safely and accurately determine the purity content, gram weight and payable value of precious metals such as (gold, silver, diamonds or platinum) right in front of our customers.


Since our inception, we lay our foundation on the stringent customer-focused policies. We are widely acclaimed for offering highest payout value of unfashionable or broken jewelry items. As, we recycle all the purchased metals in our own refinery under the strict vigilance of experts. Through this process, we extract purest form of gold, silver and platinum which further can be used for designing new jewelry. Our extensive recycling process allows us to offer 70-90% payout value to our customers.


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We Buy All Types Of Precious Metal Items:


  • Matched or Mismatched Gold Earrings.


  • Damaged Jewelry such as Kinked Gold Chains or Gold Pieces with Stones Missing.


  • Gold Cufflinks.


  • Gold Class Rings, Gold Cluster Rings, Gold Cocktail Rings.


  • Gold or Platinum Chains, Necklaces and Bracelets.


  • Any 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, 12k, 10k Gold.


  • Scrap Dental Gold.


  • Platinum Jewelry or Scrap Platinum.


  • Silver Flatware: Forks, Spoons Trays, Candle holders, Stamped 800, 900, 925 or Sterling Silver.


LA Cash for Gold: Trusted Gold Buyer Across The California

We LA Cash for Gold are committed to educate customers about buying and selling gold. For this, we have exclusively introduced cash for gold calculator that calculates the exact worth of valuables like for Gold, Silver and Platinum direct from the New York Spot Price and The Asia Stock Market. Moreover, there is a live gold price chart displayed at our website which proves our transparency, honesty and trustworthiness.


Selling valuables at our store is quite convenient, quick and simple; visit us at



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