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With the soaring prices of precious metals and higher return of National Gold Market, exchanging your valuable gold, platinum, silver and diamonds for cash can prove to be immensely profitable. We, National Gold Market are highly recognized as a second largest consumer of precious metals in Pasadena, CA.


With the impeccable 10 years of experience in the gold buying industry, we are celebrated for offering highest exchange rates for precious metals including gold coins, silver flatware, jewelry, medals, bullions, cufflinks, dental gold, etc. Also, we carry out an extensive recycling process, where we exclusively melt, refine and reuse the valuable metals. National Gold Market constantly strive to provide maximum payout value which is displayed openly to prove our transparency, honesty and trustworthiness towards our customers.


Now, if you're planning to trade your valuable metals online for its true worth then visit us at and send us your precious possessions through reliable FedEx shipping services by following three simple steps:


  • Fill the contact form


  • Print out the Pre-Paid FedEx Label


  • Ship Your Valuables


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In case, you wish to visit our store situated in the Pasadena, California then you're more than welcome to bring your precious metals to our store LA Cash for Gold and walk away with extra cash in your pocket!

Resides near Los Angeles and looking for a reliable source to get highest returns on your mismatched, broken or unloved gold jewelry? If so then stop by at LA Cash for Gold located in Pasadena. Here, our experienced team of professionals use advanced testing tools and follow stringent price evaluation process to determine the exact worth of valuables in front of our customers.


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What We Buy?


  • Any 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, 12k, 10k Gold.


  • Gold Cufflinks.


  • Platinum Jewelry or Scrap Platinum.


  • Gold or Platinum Chains, Necklaces and Bracelets.


  • Gold Class Rings, Gold Cluster Rings, Gold Cocktail Rings.


  • Scrap Dental Gold.


  • Silver Flatware: Forks, Spoons Trays, Candle holders, Stamped 800, 900, 925 or Sterling Silver.